Good day, bad day

It’s only 9:30am and I’m already able to write a headline like that – perhaps that alone tells you all you need to know. Anyway…

– Good day – I got up and went straight out for a swim this morning and did 1.5 miles. It’s starting to come back and I’m enjoying it all again. I’m still not concerning myself too much with my speed, more about getting the miles back into my shoulders and practising my breathing.

– Bad day – When I got home I “nudged” the garage door with the car! To park my car I need to approach the drive at an angle, take the car as close to the garage door as possible and then straighten up. This morning I got closer to the garage door than was possible. Of course I managed to knock the door rollers out of their track and the door settled into a strange angle. I’ve managed to cobble a fix together and if you all promise not to tell my wife I might just get away with it.

Let’s hope the rest of the day is on the good side, or at least remains uneventful.

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