Windermere 2013

I didn’t enter this year – and given the summer I’ve had I’m glad about that. But I did go up to watch the swim – and I really enjoyed it.

It was nice to see it from the other side, to watch the pre-race nerves, to feel the tension but not be a part of that. Even

Getting in...

Getting in…

though I knew I wasn’t getting in the water I still felt some of the nerves that I felt last year. I think it was mainly to do with respecting the challenge that lay ahead, not for me this time, but for everyone else getting in.

It was also nice to get a different perspective and to be able to see the organisational requirements for an event like this. Last year I was caught up in my own thoughts and preparation, but this year I could see the team of people that have to run an event like this on the day.

2013-08-31 11.48.49

The view from the car window.

As I write this I’m parked on the west side of the lake, about half-way up (just behind Belle Isle). I’ve got a great view of a very small portion of the lake and I’m watching all traffic (sailing boats, canoes, ferries, speedboats) go up and down – including swimmers. It’s just after 2 hours after the start and I’ve already seen 4 swimmers go past me, so I predict the winner will be home in around 4 hours again.

I’m glad I’m not doing it this year… but maybe next year.



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