Social media: that’s the way to do it

Last week in London I was very disappointed with the hotel I was staying in. So when I logged onto to wifi and it automatically sent me to their Facebook page I posted a passive aggressive whine: “Don’t stay here”.

It wasn’t big, it wasn’t clever, but I wasn’t happy, so I posted and then thought nothing of it. Until I got a response from the social media team on Facebook – and it was a great response: it was timely, acknowledged my complaint, didn’t try to argue with me and opened things up for a conversation.

So I replied, we chatted and now, even though I still didn’t enjoy my stay, I’m happier about the whole situation and I’m not going to mention the name of the hotel here.

So well done social media team. You just need to make the hotel staff do their job as well.



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2 responses to “Social media: that’s the way to do it

  1. That’s awesome they were so quick to respond. It’s unfortunate that the people higher up care more than the staff actually working in the hotel.

  2. John

    Well done. I too now look for Twitter accounts when I have had either very good or very bad service. And am disappointed when (either) fail to respond. If bad service orgs do respond, and respond well, they can retain me as a customer – classic example of how good customer service can do this. But most of the time – no response. And sometimes when there is a good response, it is obvious that the social media team are isolated from the organisation and unable to make the change for the better in the organisation.

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