Halted by a hangover

Yesterday I was in London all day and managed a run in Hyde Park before work. It’s a great place to go for a run with the park usually full of other runners and although it’s in the middle of London, it feels like the air is almost fresh. So it was nice to get out a do 5km in the morning.

One great thing is that I am getting faster with the running – it doesn’t feel like I’m really pushing too hard, but I’m now running at only just over 5min per km.

I was also meant to be going out in Hyde Park again this morning, but I didn’t.

Yesterday I went to a conference in London that I’d help to organise. And it went well. It went really well. So after the conference we went to the pub and because the conference was such a success we stayed in the pub. Which meant it was quite hard to go out for a run this morning, it was actually quite hard to even get out of bed and get dressed!

So, another unplanned day off, but you what, sod it!


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