Juneathon 16 & 17

Sunday, or Juneathon 16, was an unexpected rest day. Most Sundays I take my son swimming and we splash about in the local pool playing pirates. He dives off floats, swims to collect “treasure” and “fights” other pirates while treading water and I am the “crew” of his pirate ship (big float). However, he didn’t want to go this week, so we didn’t go.

I had then planned to go for a run with a friend before lunch, but when she cancelled I realised that I didn’t have the energy or will-power to go on my own, It’s alright I thought – I’ll swim this evening, but by 8pm I was ready for bed not the pool, so that went by the wayside too.

However, it worked out okay as Juneathon 17 (today) saw my longest run yet – 7.07km.

I prefer not think of it as slow (although at 5:42 per km it was), more as a relaxed and steady run. The ball of my left foot was hurting quite badly as if it has been bruised and my right calf stiffened up a bit, but other than that I enjoyed it and it didn’t as if I was pushing myself too far. So maybe even further to come later in the month.


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