Juneathon 7

After a long day at work and a long week at work I didn’t feel like going for a run. In fact I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Without Juneathon I wouldn’t have gone. But I feel that I’ve made a commitment to myself, and to all the other Juneathon participants. So go for a run I did.

Although I had a 15 minute lie down first!

20130608-072838.jpgIt was about 8:45 when I did set off and I promised myself I was going to take it nice and slow and just see what happens. I was lucky that it was a beautiful summer’s evening so it was a real pleasure to be out in it.

As I slowly plodded along I started to relax and enjoy it. And as I enjoyed it I wanted to go a bit further – so I did. In the end I did the furthest I’ve been for a while: just over 6.5kms at a pace of just over 6 mins/km.

Day 7 – 6.51kms in 39:50.

So far in the first week I’ve done:

1 rest
1 swim – 2.5kms
5 runs – 20.06kms

Thanks for the kick up the backside Juneathon.



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