Juneathon 3

For the third consecutive day I went out running – I know, I’m surprised too.

Today it took a bit of organising as I need to be at home this evening to look after my son (more on that later), so I worked from home which gave me time to go for a run at 6pm (instead of commuting) before my wife went out at 6:30pm.

As we’re back at home I set off on my “normal” route with the intention of doing 5km. However my legs, specifically my calves, felt a bit tight so I thought it best not to push it and I came home after 3.5km. Once I got home my son wanted to go for a run with me, so we did a very gentle (ie slow) additional 0.5km as we ran to the end of the road and back along the path by the brook. It was quite slow as he had a stitch, but it was really nice to go out with him and I can see us going out together for longer runs in the future.

3.5km in 23mins 30. Then another 0.5km in about 5mins.



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3 responses to “Juneathon 3

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  2. I’d like to get my children running with me too, my brother and I used to go with my Dad, and though we whinged about it at the time, I’m really glad we did it now.

    • Yeah, I’m looking forward to a time when we can go out for proper runs together. At the moment he’s keen, but holds me back. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s the other way round.

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