No events this year

After my swim this weekend I was mulling over which events to enter this summer, but in the end I’ve decided not to enter any.

I enjoyed my swim at the weekend, but even after all of last year’s efforts and events, I’m still not sure that I love swimming. I enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed last year’s swims, but I’m not desperate to continue.

Last year was all about the challenge, it was all about trying to swim Windermere. It was about doing something that not many people do and pushing myself as hard as I could. All of the other events were part of the vital preparation for that big challenge.

This year… well it’s about me, it’s about whether I really want to. And to be honest I’m not sure I do.

It’s partly that work (here and here) is even busier – and more important as we relaunch BoothChat – than it was this time last year; it’s partly that the weekends away cost around £200 once you’ve added in the entry fee, b ‘n’ b, petrol costs etc; and it’s partly that the water is bloody cold. However, it’s mainly that I don’t have the time or commitment to train up to be better than last year – and if I’m not going to beat someone (even if it is only me) then what’s the point?

So, I’ll keep going to the lake at the weekend, I’ll keep going to the gym and for a run now and again, but no swimming events and certainly no Windermere this year.


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