Bye bye wetsuit

Yesterday was the day for the first open water swim of the season, well for me at least.

2013-05-11 11.30.30I went up to the lake near Lincoln that I trained in last year and I have to admit to being a bit nervous. It didn’t help that I felt a little bit rough from the night before. I’d only had two cans while watching tv at home, but woke up as if I’d had a skinful, so I was a bit slower getting ready than I should have been and a bit more delicate than I would have liked.

When I got to the lake it was good to see it busy and full of early season swimmers – probably about 50-60 were there. But I wasn’t sure. I mean last year was all about swimming for me, would I be able to maintain the enthusiasm? Especially after achieving my goal. This year was going to be for “pleasure”, would it be?

The water was a cool 14 degrees so, as it was my first swim, I set off in my wetsuit. And I hated it…2013-05-11 11.30.52

It wasn’t fun at all. It was cold and hard work and lonely. You may chat to people as you’re getting in (and they are a friendly bunch), but it’s pretty hard to chat when you’re actually swimming – it’s just you and the water then. I did half a mile (one lap) and thought, “that’s it then. Last year was about the challenge – but it turns out that swimming isn’t really for me.”

I was trying to decide whether I should give it one more lap, or just call it quits, when a couple of lads came to the edge without wetsuits. “Sod it”, I thought, I’ll give it a lap without the suit – I mean it’s not that cold, so I did.

It felt wonderful. Bracing (but not cold), light and natural and actually fun.

So I’m hooked again, but I won’t be bothering with the wetsuit again.



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7 responses to “Bye bye wetsuit

  1. Ed

    Good news. Glad you’ve got the passion back. The challenge I suppose is knowing how big a challenge it is doing Windermere a second time. Go for it!

  2. Mo

    Sounds great! Wish I was a non-wetsuit venue round here to swim at – I find them so very restrictive and am thinking of getting a sleeveless one instead. It’s good that you’re getting back into it. Well done for having the nerve to shake off the suit 🙂

  3. You’re a lot tougher than I am – I’ll be wearing my wetsuit for a few more weeks, I’m sure. The water has to get into the mid-70s at least (23c or warmer, please!).

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