Run out, tube home

I finally got my act sorted and actually took my running kit with me to London for a trip. And not only that, but I actually went out for a run too.

Of course, what I mean by getting my act sorted is that I nearly got it sorted – I still forgot my running glasses and my socks, but I made the most of it and set off at 7am anyway. It was nice to be out and on the streets when it was so quiet. I was staying near Liverpool St, so quite central and busy in normal hours, but quite relaxing to be a part of it just as it was waking up.

I didn’t intend to be out for long as I’m still easing myself very gently back into running. My plan was to run in pretty much a straight line for 10 minutes and then turn round and come back again. I thought I might make it to Old Street tube station and then head back, but what I forgot was that you go so much quicker when you’re running. So after only a couple of minutes realising I was over half way there I decided to head to Liverpool St station and then turn round and retrace my steps… but it’s confusing around Liverpool St station… and I didn’t have my glasses, so before I knew it I was running around St Paul’s cathedral!

It’s not actually that far away, but it feels it when you didn’t intend to be there and you’re half blind.

In the end I didn’t have to take the tube back, although I was very close to it. But my 20 minute run had turned into a 34 minute one. But I’m really glad I did it, because I didn’t have any adverse reactions and I can now be a bit braver with my running. So being a blind, lost, idiot has had a positive effect!



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