Grease Lightning

I couldn’t resist.

The plan was to go to the sauna and relax after the gym session, but the sauna is next to the swimming pool and they’d just started lane swimming. So I went back to get my goggles and decided to blast a few lengths just to get it out of my system. I wanted to do a really quick 200m to see what I could do – especially as I am working on speed now.

I did it in 3mins 35sec – the fastest I’ve ever done for 200m. I was really pleased. Then I got to thinking…

That time, if repeated, would see me do a mile in 28mins and 40sec. Not great, but certainly faster than I’ve ever done before. Yet, the winner of the Windermere swam at 23 minute / mile pace… for 10.5 miles!

That’s quick.

Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning



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6 responses to “Grease Lightning

  1. Everything is relative! I can’t imagine swimming for 10miles non-stop. It’s good to have a target time, now you can build up towards holding that target in long sets e.g. 5×200, 10×100, 400s, 800s, etc. If you can hold a target time throughout long sets in training you will do it in a race. It will be hard at first but is a great benchmark to track progress towards a goal.

  2. I’ve given up doing the same maths whenever I run: WR Marathon time is 4:45m / mile – for 26 miles!

  3. Holy wow!!! That’s some fast swimming! Great job!

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