Running Fail

I wasn’t planning to take part in Janathon anyway. I realised from last year’s 1,000kms challenge that I find it too hard to plan my life around my training to commit to a full month. However, the plan was to use the quiet time over the Xmas break to re-teach my body how to run without injuring itself and hopefully to re-teach me to enjoy it.

What I intended to do was to go out for a run* on nine consecutive days. *And by run I mean to take my time, to walk when necessary, to stop and stretch if required and not to worry about my pace – just be out there doing it.

I nearly made it.

After my first run I managed four more and almost got to point where I enjoyed the last one. But then it stopped. It stopped mainly because my son was ill (I had to take him to hospital on the 1st – he’s fine), it meant I got little sleep for a few days and I had to work and last week was an important week at work to prepare for the year.

And that neatly sums up where my training is – and always will be – in my list of priorities: behind family and work. Both of them can be demanding, both of them are naturally more appealing to me.

I know other people manage it – and at times so do I – but only up to a point.



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3 responses to “Running Fail

  1. Nice article Patrick. I find exactly the same issues having 2 young kids and a job which keeps me more than busy, there just isn’t enough time or predictability to guarantee even 1 hour of training time a week. Well, that’s my excuse for being a bit tubby and I’m sticking to it!

  2. I totally understand. I chose not to have kids and thus more training time, but I often argue that you can take what time you do have and plan how you want to use it for training, it will be more effective than randomly choosing what to do each day. At least you managed a few days,maybe your next goal should be to try for a few more days next time. Its all good, at least you keep trying.

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