1,000kms unlikely

One of my key challenges was to complete 1,000kms of activity this year. This is based around swimming, cycling and running (the triathlon disciplines) and is also based on a complex algorithm to balance them all out – actually it’s not complex – but instead of repeating it here, you can read it on this page.

Anyway, as things stand it’s looking unlikely.

At the beginning of November I was 283.22kms short of my target – which equates to about 4.64kms per day or around 140kms per month. Given that even on my best month so far I’ve not passed 100kms you can see why this is looking improbable.

Of course this situation is not my fault*. No, circumstances have conspired against me. I was doing okay for the first three months, then my workload got the better of me in April and again in June. Then after a good summer (including Windermere at the beginning of September) I was really ill in the middle of September. And then a holiday in October didn’t help. So now I’m left in this position.

*I accept that it is completely and wholly my fault.

For the rest of November and December I have to do about 30 minutes of exercise every day, or about 45 minutes per day if I do it 4 times a week. Doesn’t sound crazy, but it’s a LOT more than I’ve managed so far, so we’ll see.



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3 responses to “1,000kms unlikely

  1. I read an interesting quote recently (although I can’t remember who it was originally by) which was along the lines of ‘Discipline is knowing the difference between what you want now and what you want most.’ So, decide what you want most and then go for it!

    • Hi Margaret, I love that quote – thanks.

      However, for me what I want most is family and work, so when it comes to prioritising they come first. Outside of that, I’m certainly putting the effort in as achieving this target comes next in terms of what I want most.

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