Falling in love again…

I don’t want to get too personal, but I think I might be in love… and I don’t mean with my wife.

I’m in trouble, or could be. It’s a former love that has re-entered my life, one that previously disappeared with unrequited issues. And this is possible THE love of my life.

I can’t stop thinking about them and I feel a constant hole in my life. Of course I have moments where I forget, but then the memory hits me even harder.

I’m not sure what to tell my wife and worst of all I’m pretty sure that the feeling isn’t returned… mainly because it’s a city. It’s Vancouver I’m in love with.

Those of you that know me in real life will have heard me “banging on” about Vancouver on numerous occasions. I’m sorry to have bored you with it, but I love the city. I love the views and the backdrop of the mountains, I love the multi-cultural mix, but most of all I love the vibe, the feeling and the freedom I feel there to be me. And after a ten-year gap I went back over recently.

Of course I wanted to share my love for the city, but how do you show all that to someone in a 3-day visit?

That is the problem I had when I took my wife and son over for their first ever trip to Vancouver. And it had predictable results.

I wanted to try and recreate what it meant to me to live there, but that meant sitting and stopping and absorbing and we didn’t have time for that. They wanted to see “things” and it isn’t the things that I love about Vancouver. On top of that the weather didn’t help much. We were visiting at the wrong time of year and although we were lucky with the rain, it was still Vancouver in autumn (or fall) and rain and clouds are to be expected.

In the end they thought it was okay, you know, quite nice.

I still love it though, I just couldn’t fully show why. It was all I remembered – not more and possibly a bit less (the economic downturn has hit here as well), but just like a former lover that has “weathered” a bit, you appreciate the changes, enjoy exploring the differences, but most of all feel the sense of “right” when you are together and just enjoy spending time together.

Now I have to find a way to go back – and I will be going back as soon as possible.

Vancouver, from Kits beach – this is why I love it.


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