Trickle Treating

Two Draculas

So who else was out last night Trick or Treating (or “trickle treating” as my lad’s been calling it all week)? I went out and loved it. I’ve always been slightly dismissive of Hallowe’en as an American holiday and not something we did over here, but it was great to see the kids enjoying themselves and the adults getting involved.

It was just my son and his friend from school who went around together, both dressed as Dracula. I did the typical dad trick and hung around at the back to check they were safe. They were.

We just went up and down our street and we’re lucky that we live on a quiet street. There aren’t many kids around, but there are enough for most houses to know what was expected of them – and nearly every house we went to joined in, pretended to be scared and most importantly offered sweets. Only three houses didn’t play – one just said she didn’t have anything and shut the door, one didn’t even open the door and the third had clearly forgot what day it was and was very apologetic.

All said a good night and a tradition that I’m happy to be part of in future years.

Trickle Treating stash


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