Doing it wrong

You know that thing where you do something and are really surprised by results, so you look again and realise its because you were doing it wrong? Well, that.

I’ve been struggling with the 1000kms part of this year’s challenge. I got behind in April and May, mainly because of work. But it was going to be okay because September would help get me back on track. I mean the Windermere swim would be over 30kms alone (given that I double swim distances). Unfortunately however, after my rest week immediately following the swim I was really ill for another two weeks – so rather than getting me ahead, September out me further behind.

So the other day I went tithe gym and had a really good session and when I came back to track my workout it seemed that I was getting back close to the target – until I looked again and realised that I’d entered the numbers all wrong. Bugger!

I’m not yet ready to admit defeat on the 1000kms target for this year, but I’m not far off.


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