24 hours in New York

Manhattan, NYC
Image courtesy of Susie B / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

I’m off to New York soon – I know glamorous isn’t it?. Although it’s not that actually that glamorous as it’s a work trip. Not that I’m complaining, but it does mean that we won’t have that much time for sight-seeing. If we’re lucky we might have about 24 hours – we’ll finish work in the evening and then we fly out the following evening.

So what should we do?

Don’t forget that the 24 hours isn’t really 24 hours of sight-seeing as I’m getting older and I’ll need my beauty sleep. But we do have an evening (for dinner and a few drinks) and then the following day, during which we need to wring New York city dry.

If you’ve been and have got recommendations, then please let me know.



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2 responses to “24 hours in New York

  1. Wow, I need more (some, a) New York clients.

    Avoid the tourist traps, and pay less, explore and try:

    Central Park (big enough to cope with all the tourists as well as locals). I loved it in the morning, quiet, watching tai chi, joggers, rushing suits. Then grab breakfast somewhere like Sarabeth’s if you’re treating yourself or somewhere like the Popover Cafe (slight walk). That said, I liked Bryant Park too.

    Met Museum. Huge and varied exhibitions, and the view from the rooftop is probably my favourite view – also is a good alternative to The Empire State Building, which was essentially just an expensive way to queue a long time to use a lift.

    Wander around. Buy coffee and doughnuts. Sit somewhere. One of my favourite blogs has done a LOT of doughnut research: http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2008/10/guide-to-the-best-doughnuts-donuts-in-new-york-city-nyc.html

    Staten Island ferry. A great way to see a lot of landmarks – that big statue woman, Ellis Island – and all within the cost of your MetroCard.

    Lombardi’s Pizzeria for claimed best pie in NYC, less (just about) busy than the “other best” place, and tie it in with walking Brooklyn Bridge and exploring Little Italy.

    Wander around (again) Cathedral of Saint Patrick (it’s a sign!) and Rockefeller Centre area, all huge and impressive. Another free big impressive thing is Grand Central Terminal. Busy but “one of places”.

    Koreatown at night. A real buzz, and cooler and less stressy than somewhere like Times Square. Although I really like Union Square Park at night too.

    Probably best to just take me with you.

  2. Oh, also, re: food, http://www.blueribbonrestaurants.com/rests_bakery_main.htm is one of my faves for a treat. Also in a good area to explore for drinks, Bleecker Street etc.

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