I’ve only gone and bloody done it

I came last and it took me the best part of eight hours. But I don’t bloody care cos I’ve done it.

On June 2nd I did my first ever BLDSA event – a 3 mile swim and I thought that was a long way at the time. Today I’ve completed the 10.5 mile Windermere swim.

Get in.



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14 responses to “I’ve only gone and bloody done it

  1. Mike Stead

    Huge congrats Patrick, what an achievement. Enjoy that local Real Ale tonight!

    Loch Ness next?

  2. That’s amazing – well done!

  3. John

    Fantastic! Your Grandfather would have been proud of you.

  4. Mo

    An outstanding achievement, well done!!

  5. Howard

    Phenomenal effort and achievement, Patrick. One of those great things that you’ll always have done, and will never have to do again. Amazing.

  6. I didn’t realise it was this last week-end Patrick – many congratulations! As Oscar Pistorius’ mother said, you don’t lose a race by coming last but by not taking part in the first place – or words to that effect!!

  7. Wow, well done, what an acheivement. You should be really proud. Were you like a prune whenyou finished?!

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