Next Challenge

I’ve decided to sign up for something as soon as possible after Windermere, so that I don’t just sit around on my backside feeling pleased with myself (or sorry for myself depending on the result).

So I’ve entered the One Step Beyond Last Minute Tri. It’s actually in my local village which is a help. The only problem is that I’m not sure that I can cycle and run the distances required.

I suppose that’s why it’s a challenge.



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6 responses to “Next Challenge

  1. Mo

    This looks like fun. I might join you. I haven’t done much training over the past few months, partially because of the holidays but also just excessive amounts of work. That should ease about two weeks before this event, so it would be a good kickstart to my winter training plan. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Ooh yes, do enter. And if you do let me know and let’s make sure we meet up IRL. Although the rules are that if you enter because of my post, you’re not allowed to beat my time!

      • Mo

        Ha, fair enough! Not sure if I’ve left it too late to enter now (still busy on the crazy work bandwagon) but I’ll def let you know if I do.

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