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I love the concept of this post – I think that anyone that pushes themselves in events like this has something similar. We do it for two main reasons: 1 – it becomes our form of meditation, this is particularly true of swimming as you also have more sensory deprivation as it’s often just you and dark water; 2 – it takes you to the dark places and by doing that we know we can return and return stronger. If we go to these dark places by choice then there aren’t many things that the world can throw at us that we can’t cope with.

Tri Fatherhood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Sunday after church you handed me this, Izzy:

It wasn’t by accident. In your 8 years of life you’ve always delivered the voice of truth in our home. I had just finished complaining to Mommy about a recent run of “bad luck” that we’ve had at home in the last few months with appliances breaking, both of our vehicles breaking down, hospital bills, dental bills, and other unexpected emergencies. The truth is, I was whining and feeling sorry for myself.

You brought things into focus for your dad.

That emotion set off a discussion with Mommy about how most people go through life, constantly trying to get more, meanwhile oblivious to their temporary place in the grand scheme. Life is flying by. Their children are growing up. The whole thing is a short journey and we’re missing it. We distract ourselves by chasing. Hopeful that

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