Windermere this year

A little while ago I asked whether I should try to swim Windermere this year. After all, the original plan was to spend this year getting used to open water swimming and then to do “the big one” next year. But that was after the [really tough] Bala swim and before the [much easier] Coniston swim.

So, based on the views of far more experienced swimmers than me, as well as the feeling I had when I finished Coniston, I’m going to try and enter.

There are a few things I need to tick off first, not least getting a crew together that will row for me – for the bigger swims a kayak isn’t enough and you need a rowing boat – but if I can do that then I’m in.

I’ll need to think of a new challenge for next year at this rate.



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2 responses to “Windermere this year

  1. John

    Good luck! Have you thought about flyering/contacting the various rowing clubs near Trent Bridge for (different kind of) rowing support?

    • That’s a great idea John. I’m going to try swimming club people and Lake District people first (the swimmers often have good contacts), but if not, then the Trent rowing clubs is a great option. Thanks for the idea.

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