1,000kms update

Those of you that have bothered to look at the About page on this blog will see that I’m trying to complete 1,000kms of exercise this year (according to a weird calculation method I have invented).

As the year was half-way through a couple of weeks ago I thought I would provide an update as to where I am.

As of the end of June I have:

– Swum – 139.5kms (scored as 279kms)
– Run – 14.8kms (scored as 14.8kms)
– Cycled – 397.88kms (scored as 132.63kms)

In total, that’s 552.18kms, but as I divide the cycling kilometres by 3 (and double the swimming ones), the adjusted score is actually 426.43kms.

After six months, I’m about 74kms down on my target.

To be honest, I’m actually quite pleased about that. As you can see I’ve hardly done any running as I had a very bad, recurring calf injury which stopped me from running (I’ve only got back into running this month – and even then not much).

I’ve also had a couple of very busy periods, both professionally and personally. Late Feb / early March was a very busy time at work as there was a major conference in Barcelona and so we supported a number of clients out there – it meant long days in the build-up and a very busy week out there during the show. Then in June my wife was away for a couple of weeks (her mum was ill), so training took a back seat while I was a temporary single-parent.

Yet despite these setbacks I’m still in touching distance. I was afraid that when I added all the numbers up I would be at a “well I might as well not bother” place. Actually, I’m at a “great, a bit more effort and I’ll get there” place. Already in July I’m about 20kms ahead of target for the month and I’ve got a couple of long swims coming up, so I’m hopeful I’ll be back on track soon.


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