Technological Help

I was lucky enough to be at LeWeb recently to see pitch to the Start-up competition. is an app that, with the help of sensors in your running shoes, helps you to improve your running style and reduce injury.

It’s only in the development stage (you can leave your email address to be notified when the next stages happen), but I thought it was really interesting and it looked great. I was won over. In fact the main comment I made was to see if they could do something similar for swimming.

Well, today I came across this.

Garmin Swim

It’s called the Garmin Swim and that’s exactly what it does – it helps track your training, as well as helping with your technique.

All I’m gonna say is that if anyone wants to buy me a birthday present…



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2 responses to “Technological Help

  1. Kirsty O'Brien

    I have a birthday coming up too. I would love one of these.

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