Proper Swimmer

Today I completed my first proper event – the Budworth Mere swim
Organised by the Warrington Dolphins. There were a number of different events (including a wetsuit event – people would be spinning in their graves). I did the 3 mile event.

Unfortunately it was an overcast day and the weather outside the water was cold. In the water it was lovely though.

I enjoyed the swim and, even if I say so myself, swam really well. I was hoping to finish in under two hours and managed 1hr and 47mins. Perhaps more importantly I loved it and am looking forward to doing more.

So I’m a proper swimmer now!



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6 responses to “Proper Swimmer

  1. Sonya F

    Yay! Go you Pat – sounds like it’s given you a real boost too x

  2. Well done on becoming a ‘proper’ swimmer Patrick! I’m glad you finished in good time 🙂

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