First Event

So I’m a little nervous as I’ve got my first event on Saturday – I’ll be swimming the 3-mile event in Budworth Mere in Cheshire. It’ll be swum under full BLDSA rules and will be the first time I’ve done a non-wetsuit open water event.

I’m not too concerned about the distance, although I’m still a little worried about the cold. But I suppose more than anything it’s the fact that it will be “real”.

So far all the open water swimming I’ve done I could stop if I wanted and convince myself that I’d done all I wanted to. On Saturday I’ve got a clear goal and it’ll be pretty obvious if I don’t achieve it. That said, I’m looking forward to joining the open water swimming fraternity.

If you’re around and want to cheer me on – I’ll be bloke somewhere near the back.

If you’re reading this and will be taking part on Saturday – be gentle!



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4 responses to “First Event

  1. Darran

    Good luck Patrick – all the best.

  2. Swimming 3 miles? Good grief! I can swim 2 miles and after that I am tired! Swimming 3 miles, I think I’d be exhausted.

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